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Located in the centre of XiĄŻan city: owning a history of 3100 years and having been the ancient capital of 13 Chinese dynasties, XiĄŻan Polytechnic University enjoys a long history which can be traced back to 1912. As a national key university, the institution has now become a comprehensive university of engineering and science, specializing in textiles, apparel and art design, along with other subjects such as economics, mechanics, management, humanities and so forth.


XiĄŻan Polytechnic University is a large-scale and high-ranking university with 11 colleges and 2 teaching departments, covering 58 undergraduate programs and 44 postgraduate programs, with over 24,000 students. The garden-like campus contributes to the universityĄŻs elegant environment, and the conveniently organized infrastructure creates a pleasant and civilized atmosphere.


XiĄŻan Polytechnic University attaches great importance to the studentsĄŻ ability to solve practical problems, and tries to provide students with as many opportunities as possible to conduct real-life projects. On campus, XiĄŻan Polytechnic University is well-equipped with the very latest lab facilities, applied research centers and comprehensive multidisciplinary talent training bases. The university also has excellent links to both domestic and international institutes and enterprises. The staff are actively involved in applied projects, and are well-renowned in their fields. This expertise allows XiĄŻan Polytechnic University to deliver a lively and dynamic environment for students. After graduating and starting their professional careers, students recognize the rewards and benefits of studying at XiĄŻan Polytechnic University.





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